Asus RT-AC5300 Router Review

Asus RT-AC5300 Router Review
Asus RT-AC5300 Router Review

Routers aren’t known for their provocativeness; a remarkable opposite. Square shaped, precarious to set up and, well, important are likely the most widely recognized depictions. In any case, ASUS has made whether not a wondrous thing in this double band wireless router, at that point no less than a shockingly not-terrible router. It’s dark, with a finished front and sparkly blue lights, stands upright and not just looks great, it comes bristling with highlights and profound tweakability.

Its great looks are damaged to some degree by the reality the ports – four LAN, one WAN and two USB – are as an afterthought, so when you begin connecting things to it, it looks more like a messy octopus, which is a disgrace: had the ports been on the back of the router, it would unquestionably look much better being used.


In the engine, this is one proficient brute. Be that as it may, one proviso: it is a router just; you should associate it to the web by means of another modem. For my situation, this implied putting my current modem/router, a BeBox provided by my ISP, Be Broadband, into extension mode. It’s simple enough however you’ll need to search out the documentation for your own router, or purchase a modem appropriate for your broadband association.

In case you’re putting this on a genuinely clear home network, once you have it conversing with your modem, you can run the wizard which should basically carry out the activity for you. Much else convoluted however – I run an Active Directory space network at home (indeed, I know, pointless excess; I’m a nerd with a high torment edge) – and you should begin tinkering with the settings physically.

I’m entirely skillful with networking stuff and I discovered this precarious to get up and running. There are many config pages to investigate – splendid in case you’re a learned control crack running an intricate network, yet I would alert against tinkering here except if you truly realize what you’re doing.

To begin with, you have two wireless groups to browse: 2.4GHz and 5GHz. The last is extraordinary for appeal spilling of wireless substance; the previous is for your normal wireless prerequisites: the children’s PC on Facebook, for instance. You’ll have to set up encryption and passwords for both independently as a result you have two wireless routers with this.

To some degree shockingly, however, for a router of this multifaceted nature, it doesn’t offer the choice of setting up a visitor network so your guests can interface with the web without having the capacity to get to all your network stuff.

A portion of the phrasing is confounding – for instance, the router has three modes: IP sharing mode, Router (Disable NAT) and Access Point, with awkwardly composed config pages and help records: in the event that you don’t have a clue about your NAT from your PPPoE, you’ll be detaching your hair. Ensure you record every one of the settings on your present router, including any stuff about VCI and VPI and multiplexing strategies. Follow?

Furthermore, I found the config pages ease back to stack – which is perplexing in case you’re staying there biting your fingernails trusting you haven’t broken anything on your network or your web settings.

You can’t change its 192.168.l0.1 IP address run it’s, so if your current network is in an alternate range, you could have an agonizing progress, which is an amazing exclusion for a router this progressed. For more detail read this article. Also, a last niggle: you can just forward 24 ports, or scopes of ports, on this router. In case you’re running a server at home, that probably won’t be sufficient.

Up and running, the throughput speeds have been archived as quick: examine and here. I didn’t do any point by point benchmarking at home however it unquestionably appeared to shunt documents around quicker than on my old Netgear.

You’ll see sparkling surveys for this somewhere else on the interwebs: I am more conflicted about it. The granularity of the controls is a control monstrosity’s fantasy; the wizard is clear; it’s quick and looks extraordinary. In any case, there are a ton of spots you can get into challenges on the off chance that you don’t generally realize what you’re doing.

Experts: looks beautiful, exceptionally configurable, quick.

Cons: some amazing impediments, inadequately composed config pages, ease back to acknowledge changes, conceivably confounding and precarious to utilize. Login